Our aim is to provide experienced teams to deliver a range of services including mechanical and electrical engineering and to project manage activities across the marine industry. Together with our partners we invest in quality equipment and plant, allowing us to solve key engineering problems with practical cost-effective solutions.



As offshore wind installations move into deeper, harsher waters, the need for offshore generators providing a temporary power source will increase. We provide a proven life-cycle solution from generator supply through to the provision of 'state of the art' refuelling vessels and highly experienced technicians.



A key strength of our business is an industry-wide knowledge of the current vessel market (the delivery timing of new builds and detailed descriptions of those in planning) and our ability to develop and build new tonnage or secure charters on the correct terms and most favourable costs.



With an unrestricted harbour access and plentiful quay space, we are ideally situated to accept large vessels alongside throughout the year and 24/7. We have a custom-built cable facility for the rapid unloading and storage of all types of export and inter–array cables.

March 2017 Update

Manor Venture takes to the water.

Our new vessel, the ‘Manor Venture’ has taken to the water for the first time. The vessel is one of the largest in its class, at an overall length of 26 metres and a beam of 11.2 metres. Its capability to transfer 45 tonnes of deck cargo and 60,000 litres of fuel makes it one of the most capable in the offshore wind industry.

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Bespoke engineering

Our close partnerships allow us to give significant support to larger scale projects with a high commitment to quality.

It continues to be our objective to invest in technology and systems that can reduce our clients’ risks. We have a supply chain with agreements for stock call off from our suppliers and with specific engineering from development of drawings, we can reverse engineer solutions to improve current designs.

Our primary activities include:

  • Provision of mechanical products including plant, machinery and lifting equipment
  • Electrical product supply including adopting project specific system modifications
  • Secondary steelworks for the renewable industry
  • Support to Research and Development projects

With warehousing, machinery, plant and personnel together on one site, we provide cost-effective engineering solutions for clients, both in the UK and internationally.


Temporary power

The provision, installation and refuelling operation of generators (to provide light, power, humidity control, etc) was until recently linked to the cable installation and classed as a risk mitigation, rather than part of the construction phase.

To coincide with projects programming ‘temporary power’ into their timescales Manor Renewable Energy Ltd has partnered with The Offshore Consortium to offer a bespoke, all-encompassing solution:

  • Highly experienced management team, technicians and crew
  • Generators designed and fabricated to interface correctly with the transition piece and turbine
  • Fuel tanks with as large as practical capacity
  • Aims to install onto transition piece whilst in the staging port to minimise offshore works
  • Modular design for ease of decommissioning
  • State of the art refuelling vessels with an onboard capacity of up to 40 tonnes

As offshore wind moves further offshore, temporary power will become vital and Manor Renewable Energy Ltd are currently designing a new class of vessel, one that we believe will become the industry standard, to meet the growing needs of the sector.


Vessel provision

Manor Renewable Energy Ltd currently charter and sub charter vessels for both Offshore Wind Construction and O&M activity.

Our aim is to supply a complete turnkey service, either independently or with our collaborative partners.

With significant experience in both large vessel and small workboat construction, often in conjunction with their future operational management, we have an unrivalled view of the overall offshore market. This information is combined with an awareness of availability and an appreciation for the type of vessel and capability required to undertake the given task.

Over the course of the next 12 months, our intention is to continue expansion of our vessel provision by further chartering activities and committing to investment in new innovative designs—we believe this will allow us to expand in readiness for the larger construction activity of both Round 3 and the emerging tidal market.

We welcome collaboration and partnership, whether that be overviewing new vessel designs, or discussing potential chartering agreements with owners looking to develop or expand their services in the wind, wave, and tidal markets.


Cable storage

As wind farms move further offshore and rapidly grow in size (both in overall area and turbine number) the amount of array and export cabling will increase proportionately.

To pre-empt this, Manor Renewable Energy Ltd has designed a system for cable storage with the following specifications:

  • Cables of up to 240mm in diameter can be unloaded from the adjacent quay and stored
  • The facility contains four bullrings with diameters of 8m, 10m, 13m and 18m; all are 3.2m in height
  • The cables housed in the cable storage area can be removed for recycling using a hydraulically operated reel system
  • The reels are hydraulically jacked on to a custom built frame system for the semi-automated layering of the desired cable

We currently store over 1200m of spare cable for the world’s largest offshore wind farm—London Array.


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