Craftsmanship, excellence and cutting-edge engineering

In 2017 Manor Renewable Energy Ltd purchased Manor Marine shipyard; for over 30 years, Manor Marine has been supplying a high standard of services and specialist skills to deliver craftsmanship and excellence in the construction and remedial works of multiple vessels.

Large capacity work spaces

The main shed allows construction, servicing and maintenance of up to 45 metres in length and 350 tonnes in weight; both steel and aluminium vessels. The adjacent covered workshops house cranes, forklifts and portable welding, cutting and gauging equipment.

Cutting-edge engineering services

The company is rapidly expanding as a cutting edge engineering services specialist and our highly skilled workforce and extensive world class facilities are used to support the offshore sector and primarily its key renewables projects.

Extensive quayspace and facilities

The shipyard is located in Portland, Dorset and the overall engineering facilities and direct access to over 200 metres of quayside, make it an ideal choice for a multitude of vessels to utilise.

The main shed accommodates construction, servicing and maintenance works up to 45 metres in length and 350 tonnes in weight.

Engineering in MRE's main shed